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      • Join us for Open House on Saturday, Oct. 29
        Join us for Open House on Saturday, Oct. 29
        Explore campus and Residence, meet your future profs, attend info sessions and more

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      • A twin-engine Seneca V.
        MRU Aviation Diploma program to receive $8.16 million for expansion

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      • Dr. linda manyguns, PhD, AVP Indigenization and Decolonization at MRU and Elder Alvin Maniopyes.
        Journey to Indigenization takes root at MRU

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      • From left: Health Minister Jason Copping, Philippines Consul General Zaldy Patron; SAMRU VP External Tera Leigh Cardinal, Premier Jason Kenney, BCN Student Hana Sahyouni, and Advanced Education Minister Demetrios Nicolaides after government announcement at MRU.
        Announcement at MRU focuses on Bridge to Canadian Nursing

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      • ETOL graduate wins Alone
        Juan Pablo Qui?onez has also recently published a book on survival

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      • Indigenous designed fabrics cover the books in the bookcases.
        The Canadian Library installation on campus
        Display of books wrapped in fabric remembers missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls

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